Keynote Presentations

Focusing the Power of Your Mind
Powerful Productivity Principles to Help You Achieve Breakthrough Performance

Do you find it difficult to keep your mind focused on what needs to get done? When you are interrupted is it tough to get your mind back on task? Does being in a stressful time crunch make it harder for you to think clearly? In this informative and entertaining session you will discover ways to improve your thinking, focus your attention, and reduce your stress so you can accomplish your priorities. As a result of this compelling keynote you will be able to:

• Recognize the “two kinds of mind”, and identify how to reduce your stress level and increase your productivity through using them each in the most beneficial way.
• Identify the three qualities of focused attention and discover how to focus your attention with increased skill.
• Discover how a shift in your time sense can affect your clarity of mind.

You are guaranteed to take away powerful ideas you can put to use immediately.

Managing Change and Transformation
Skills for Managing Personal and Organizational Transitions

In order to lead and inspire others in times of change it is essential that you apply the mindset that will allow you to move through the change process with skill yourself. You also need to understand the psychological dynamics of individuals, teams, and organizations when they are undergoing change and how to reduce their resistance. During this informative and entertaining keynote presentation you will:

• Identify the Four Stages people experience during times of change, the types of emotions and behaviors may be expected, and how negativity may be reduced.
• Identify how to move through change skillfully yourself, and recognize how to lead individuals and groups successfully through times of change and transition.
• Discover the Four Stabilizers™and how they can support you in maintaining balance in times of change.

You are guaranteed to take away powerful ideas you can put to use immediately.